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PrimaDonna: Legendary maintenance quality

Prima Donnathe luxury lingerie brand specializing in the larger sizes of caps (until I Hat).

The brand was created in 1865 in Germany; Since the PrimaDonna collections are created and manufactured by the Belgian Van de Velde brand

Specialist in the field of the Corsetry more than 150 years, PrimaDonna is an expert innovative brand of large sizes and deep Beanies.

Quality of maintenance legendary and world-renowned

More than 45 parts are used in the design of a Bra PrimaDonna. Each bra requires between 40 and 50 different operations.

All the Bras Prima are controls twice manually before shipment to guarantee the quality of these luxury lingerie products.

One Bra Deauville est vendu toutes les deux minutes dans le monde ! Et oui, le maintien de ce soutien-gorge mythique est juste exceptionnel... 

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  • Crystal (Noir)

    Si vous rêviez d'une parure de lingerie sexy avec un soutien irréprochable, Crystal de PrimaDonna répondra à...

  • Deauville (Smokey Sand)

    Many fans of the lingerie line Deauville by PrimaDonna will be delighted to discover this new chic and trendy...

  • Delight (Rouge) New !

    Delight by PrimaDonna is a glamorous lingerie line perfect for large sizes.

  • Divine (Submarine)

    Divine est la ligne de lingerie de PrimaDonna que l'on adopte sans hésiter au quotidien. Elle offre un...

  • Eternal (Noir)

    Eternal de PrimaDonna is a line of lingerie that exudes elegance, while offering a perfect quality of...

  • Sambal

    The Sambal lingerie line by PrimaDonna is for women with voluptuous breasts who do not want to give up...

  • The Mesh New !

    The Mesh by PrimaDonna Sport is a line of sports bras for generous breasts.

  • The Sweater New !

    The Sweater by PrimaDonna Sport is a line of sophisticated and high performance sports bras.

  • The Work Out New !

    The Work Out by PrimaDonna sport is a line of trendy sports lingerie.

  • Allegra (Nuage)

    Allegra by PrimaDonna is a timeless lingerie line that exudes chic and femininity.

  • By Night

    By Night PrimaDonna Van de Velde is a line of lingerie and sexy clothes inside sublimate your curves and your...

  • Couture

    Couture by Prima Donna is a permanent laundry line combining the charm of the Madison line and the comfort of...

  • Deauville

    Deauville is a laundry line PrimaDonna recognized worldwide for its quality maintenance.

  • Deauville (Geisha)

    The Deauville PrimaDonna lingerie line is an absolute must in terms of support and shapely.

  • Deauville (Ruby Gold)

    Deauville by Primadonna is an online lingerie of unparalleled quality.

  • Deauville (Winter Grey)

    Deauville is the flagship collection of Prima Donna. It has already attracted many women around the world with the timeless elegance of its...

  • Delight (Blanc)

    Delight by PrimaDonna is an elegant and refined underwear line.

  • Divine

    Divine by a line PrimaDonna seductive lace underwear by his looks, maintaining quality and comfort. Lightness, transparency but no...

  • Divine (Patine)

    Divina by PrimaDonna is a line of light and seductive lingerie, ideal for generous or difficult chests....

  • Divine (Red Sailor)

    Divine by a line PrimaDonna Lingerie by its seductive lace look, keeping its quality and comfort.

  • Eternal

    Eternal by PrimaDonna is a classic and comfortable lingerie line.

  • Kensington (Blue Paris)

    PrimaDonna Kensington is a line colored and elegant lingerie.

  • Madame Butterfly (Glossy Pink)

    The online lingerie Madame Butterfly PrimaDonna is adorned with a fresh and irresistible colors.

  • Madison

    By PrimaDonna Madison is a permanent plébésicitée underwear line by a large number of women.

  • Madison (Framboise)

    PrimaDonna Madison is a lingerie line adopted by many women.

  • Madison (Lili Rose)

    By PrimaDonna Madison is a plus size lingerie online to look young and fresh.

  • Madison (Toffee)

    Madison by Primadonna is an online underwear elegant and modern.

  • Oriental Night (Smokey Sand)

    Oriental Night by PrimaDonna is a sensual and elegant underwear line.

  • Perle

    Perle by Prima Donna, symbolizes the essence of shapping lingerie simple lines, seamless finish and smooth materials. The pledge of...

  • Satin

    Satin by an online lingerie PrimaDonna comfort, soft to the touch. The light but resistant materials and...

  • Satin (Patine)

    Satin is a collection of bras that has been part of the best-selling PrimaDonna brand for more than 15...

  • Allegra (Malva Ash) -20%

    Allegra PrimaDonna Van de Velde is a collection that reflected the elegance and chic inherent in the brand.

  • Allegra -20%

    Allegra by PrimaDonna lignerie is a line of timeless elegance.

  • Aria -20%

    Aria by PrimaDonna is a glamorous and sophisticated underwear line. Elegant embroidered flower patterns contrasts with the transparent...

  • By Night Stardust -20%

    By Night StarDust PrimaDonna is a glittering lingerie line that sublimate the curves of every woman....

  • Couture (Colibri Blue) -20%

    Sewing PrimaDonna lingerie line is a retro look assumed.

  • Deauville (Hawaiian Dream) -20%

    PrimaDonna Deauville Hawaiian Dream is a collection end of the line to success Deauville.

  • Delight (Pink Orchid) -20%

    Delight by PrimaDonna is a fashion and colorful underwear line.

  • Delight Célébration -20%

    Delight by Primadonna is a sublime and festive line.

  • Deligth (Summer Rose et Riviera Blue) -20%

    Delight Primadonna is an online romantic and elegant lingerie.

  • Divine (Deep Red) -20%

    Divine by PrimaDonna is a lingerie line that seduces with its lace look and convinces with its comfort and...

  • First Lady (Blanc) -20%

    First Lady of PrimaDonna Van de Velde is a lingerie line Tattoo influenced by the trend of the summer.

  • Iris -20%

    Iris by PrimaDonna is a classic and refined underwear line.

  • Neroli -20%

    Neroli by PrimaDonna is a lingerie line that seems drawn to ink.

  • Oriental Night -20%

    Oriental Night PrimaDonna Van de Velde is a line of seductive lingerie with a silky and sensuous look....

  • Rosalina -20%

    Rosalina is by PrimaDonna lingerie line that combines charm and lightness.

  • Sunrise -20%

    Sunrise PrimaDonna is a feminine and sophisticated lingerie line.

  • True Romance -20%

    True Romance par Primadonna est une ligne jeune et légère. Un style aérien et raffiné, parsemé de ravissantes petites fleurs...

  • Aurora (Blanc) -30%

    Aurora by PrimaDonna is a classically inspired lingerie line while remaining modern and dynamic.

  • Deauville (Submarine) -30%

    The Deauville line from PrimaDonna returns to us this winter in a very chic dark gray color.

  • Delight (Empire Green) -30%

    Delight by PrimaDonna is an elegant lingerie line and feminine.

  • Dolce Vita (Lipstick) -30%

    Dolce Vita is a line by PrimaDonna passionate and elegant lingerie.

  • Golden Dreams -40%

    Golden Dreams by PrimaDonna is a lingerie offer created for women lovers of sophisticated lingerie in deep and...

  • Gracious -30%

    Gracious by PrimaDonna lingerie online is a delicate elegance spring.

  • Madam Butterfly (Gris gris) -30%

    Le charme de Madam Butterfly par PrimaDonna se décline cette saison en gris. Son voile imprimé de...

  • Madison (Night Grey) -30%

    Try Madison , the line of lingerie of PrimaDonna , is adopt it!

  • Mystic Fields -40%

    Mystic Fields by PrimaDonna is an everyday lingerie line elegant.

  • Neroli (Bleu Saphire) -40%

    Neroli by PrimaDonna is a lingerie line refined and feminine.

  • Ray of Light -40%

    Ray of Light by PrimaDonna is a modern and romantic lingerie line.

  • Aurora (Geisha) -50%

    Aurora par PrimaDonna est une ligne lingerie classique et élégante qui a déjà séduit de nombreuses femmes par sa qualité de maintien et son...

  • Aurora (Noir) -50%

    Aurora by PrimaDonna Lingerie is a pure line and refined already very popular with women through her...

  • Belleville -50%

    Belleville Prima Donna, elegant and luxurious series, inspired by the graceful motifs of flowers and plants of the new art.

  • Deauville (Paradise Blue) -50%

    Deauville par

  • Deauville MoonRock -50%

    The legendary maintaining the collection Deauville has attracted women of all ages worldwide. The bra PrimaDonna Deauville is supported...

  • Diamond (Naturel) -50%

    Diamond by PrimaDonna is an online lingerie all in charm and sophistication.

  • Madame Butterfly -50%

    Madame Butterfly by PrimaDonna is a dynamic and sophisticated underwear line.

  • Madison Cap Vert -50%

    Single holding quality. Support perfect round breasts. Look fresh and young, trendy! Lifte center chest and giving it...

  • Soirée -50%

    Evening by PrimaDonna is...

  • Sparkling -50%

    Coupes sensuelles, soutiens-gorge brodés en all-over, jeux de lignes raffinés et détails surprenants: Sparkling par...

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