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Since 1946, Empreinte is a brand recognized for its unique expertise for quality and innovation.

The Empreinte bras are designed to provide a perfect and comfortable fit to 120H cap ....

Over the years footprint has become the preferred brand generous breasts and sensual beauty.

Empreinte lingerie poitrines généreuses beautés sensuelles

Warning, if the size chart Empreinte is slightly different from the "usual grid" and should order a size of less than conventional cups brands: if you usually make a 105G will be ideal in a 105F Empreinte.

Empreinte items can't be delivered ouside EU (Schengen Zone)

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  • Apolline

    Apollonia by Footprint is a line of lingerie that fits like a timeless seduction.

  • Cassiopée (Rose Sauvage)

    Footprint Cassiopeia is a lingerie line inspired by the magical skies and twinkling stars who invite you to dream and escape into a world where...

  • Cassiopée New !

    Cassiopeia by Footprint is a line oriented Seduction lingerie.

  • Elena (Noir)

    By Elena Footprint is a lingerie collection for a treat.

  • Erin (Noir)

    Erin is a female line which is part of the essential brand footprint.

  • Erin New !

    Erin par Empreinte est une ligne lingerie innovante et féminine, très bien adaptée aux poitrines généreuses. Inspirée de la beauté des...

  • MAYA

    Maya Footprint is a line of cheerful and elegant lingerie that will emerge as an essential in your...

  • Mélody (Gold) New !

    Melody by Footprint is an online contemporary and luxurious lingerie.

  • Nikki

    Nikki by Footprint is a lingerie line inspired by the current "Happy", a trend that celebrates the joy of...

  • Thalia (Candy)

    Thalia Footprint is a line of seductive underwear by its sophistication and its air materials.

  • Valeria New !

    Valeria by Footprint is an attractive lingerie and modern line.

  • Grace

    Grace by Footprint is an online lingerie collection "Seduction".

  • Irina

    Irina by Footprint is a line of lingerie "Seduction" bewitching beauties inspired mysterious...

  • Lilly Rose

    Lilly Rose by Footprint, is a lingerie "retro" and romantiqu e ... Lilly Rose is a...

  • Melody

    Melody by Footprint: Innovating in the Essential!

  • Mélody

    Melody by Footprint: "Innovating in the bulk"

  • Pompadour (Poudré & Noir)

    Pompadour by Footprint is an elegant and refined linen line.

  • Thalia

    Thalia by Footprint: have fun!

  • Tous les produits Empreinte
  • Anna (Noir, Bois de Rose) -40%

    With the lingerie line Anna , Empreinte signs her winter ballet, an alliance of voluptuousness and poetry....

  • Apolline (Cyprès) -40%

    Apolline by Empreinte is a light and precious lingerie line.

  • Blanca -40%

    Blanca by Empreinte is a romantic and seductive lingerie line.

  • Carolyn -40%

    Carolyn par Empreinte est une ligne lingerie grandes tailles glamour et féminine. Un style ultra sensuel qui fait du quotidien un jeu de...

  • Erin (Rose Ballerine) -40%

    Erin par Empreinte est une ligne de lingerie luxueuse qui réinterprète la douceur de vivre issue des pays...

  • Lilly Rose (Etincelle) -40%

    Let yourself be charmed by the romance and softness of lingerie line Lilly Rose by Empreinte .

  • Mélody (Galaxie) -40%

    Mélody by Empreinte is a contemporary and refined lingerie line.

  • Elise -40%

    Elise by Footprint is a modern and refined underwear line.

  • Nina -40%

    Nina by Footprint is a laundry line with grace and lightness inspired outfits of balet dancers. Fine...

  • Eléa-50%

    Elea by Footprint lingerie.

  • Elena (Freesia)-50%

    Elena lingerie line by Footprint embodies the seductive Italian, explosive and assumed.

  • Elsa-50%

    Elsa by Footprint is an elegant and timeless underwear line.

  • Grace (Smoothie) -50%

    Grace par Empreinte une ligne de lingerie luxueuse au style épurée et précieux. Sensualité sophistiquée, intemporelle et moderne dans un...

  • Hanaé (Blanc)-50%

    Hanaé Footprint is a lingerie line inspired by the romance and sweetness of spring.

  • Irina (Bleu Céleste)-50%

    By Irina Footprint is a captivating and compelling online lingerie.

  • Irina (Violette) -50%

    By Irina Footprint, the pleasure lingerie!

  • Joyce -50%

    Joyce by

  • Lana -50%

    Lana by Footprint Lingerie is a romantic line, exquisite, happy, smooth and delicate.

  • Marlène -50%

    Marlène by Footprint Lingerie is an online collection of Seduction.

  • Mary-50%

  • Mélody (Framboise) -50%

    Melody by Footprint: "Innovating in the bulk"

  • Melody (Indigo) -50%

    Bestseller brand footprint, the...

  • Mélody (Rouge Flamboyant)-50%

    Melody by Footprint is a line of contemporary and refined lingerie that is having great success and one of the essential of a lingerie drawer....

  • Misia (Orage)-50%

    Misia by Footprint is an online free and joyful lingerie.

  • Misia-50%

    Misia, have fun!

  • Ornella-50%

    Ornella by Footprint is a line of lingerie and glamor inspired by legendary actresses of Italian cinema....

  • Paris -50%

    Paris by

  • Rose -50%

    By Footprint Rose, Seduction lingerie, lingerie inspired by 50s A bold and sophisticated style.

  • Thalia (Pacifique) -50%

    Thalia is a line by Footprint feminine and elegant lingerie.

  • Vivienne -50%

    Vivienne is a Seduction Lingerie line footprint.

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